Cargo-Hull and Machinery

HERRERA DKP Cargo Hull and Machinery provides a great variety of services, especially:


  • Pre-shipment and stowage survey.
  • Inspections of qualification of holds and tanks in vessels.
  • Verifying quantity and/or weight.
  • Inspection of packing.
  • Inspection of the stowage and unstowage of containers.
  • Superintendence of loading and discharging of general and in bulk cargoes, solid and liquid.
  • Sampling and analysis of products in consultant laboratories.
  • Loss prevention, which includes control during loading and discharging, previous reconnaissance and the escort of the cargo from the warehouse terminal until final destination.
  • Service of Control of Damages.
  • Cargo survey in intermediate or final warehouse.
  • Salvage of damaged cargo.
  • Survey of damages in air, marine, fluvial or land cargo.

Hulls and Machinery

  • Condition survey.
  • Draft surveys.
  • Ullages.
  • On/Off Hire.
  • Surveys to hull and machinery of Fishing and Pleasure ships.
  • Survey of towing and passage approval.
  • Survey of damages in hulls, machinery and equipment.
  • Valuations.

Damage Settlement and Recoveries

  • Loss and Average Adjustment.
  • Loss settlement.
  • Judicial and extra judicial collection to recover loss responsibility of thirds.
  • Consultancy of marine insurance.

General Rates

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