About Us

HERRERA DKP is a company which started its operations in 1990. Our company is the result of the merge of Herrera & Asociados SRL with DKP Peritos de Seguros Sociedad Civil de Responsabilidad Limitada.

Herrera & Asociados SRL has worked since 1992 in adjustments in the areas of Fire and Allied Perils, Engineering Insurance, Civil Responsibility, Financial Risks and with all risks that include the called General Risks; DKP Peritos de Seguros has, since 1990, worked in the marine branch of insurance, in all aspects of cargo and nautical surveys, including loss prevention measures, supervision and control of cargo as well as Cargo and Hull and Machinery adjustments. Both branches of the insurance business are taken care in a parallel way.

HERRERA DKP is already consolidated in the national as well as the international market, being able to fulfill, with human and material sources, the requirements to attend damages under different types of insurance.

We are correspondents of Sedgwick, Comisariado Español Marítimo S.A. Comismar, TMN Survey Group, Pannell & Co Average Adjusters

Purposes of our Organization

The purpose of HERRERA DKP in its marine division is to offer surveying services, attending claims and settlements for damages and/or loss which affect the consignees and owners whose goods are covered by cargo policies, hull or machinery policies.

The company is formed by personnel of experience and professionalism, highly qualified to take care of the necessities that the insurance market require in the area of marine, aerial, fluvial, land for general cargo, break bulk, or others risks that appertain to import/export activities and cabotage inside national territory. Having also, according to the case, agents of prestige abroad.

The company also aims to carry out all types of surveys of hulls, machinery and cargo, and also give service of consultancy about related topics and relevant to coverage of marine and/or transport insurance.

We have worked wit major international insurance companies, cargo and nautical surveyors.

Knowing the current discontentment of the insurer market with respect to the little significance that the legal recovery represents in the final result of the business, Herrera DKP has implemented an effective system of judicial and extra judicial collection of indemnification that the insurer is entitled of by means of legal subrogation of rights.


Offer a professional service with high quality and technical level, in order to meet the needs of our customers through the handling of claims for losses and risks prevention in the insurance field. Also, identify new market needs.


Be the best company insurance adjusters and surveyors company in land, maritime and general risks, as well as maintaining leadership in the local market.


  • Integrity and ethics
  • Process Innovation
  • Constant comunication
  • Service Quality
  • Teamwork
  • Respect