Niop-Fosfa joint list of acceptable previous cargoes


En 1994, la National Institute of Oilseed Products (NIOP) y la Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Associations LTD (FOSFA), con la cooperación de la industria, generaron la NIOP-FOSFA Lista Conjunta de Cargas Previas Aceptables para buques que transportan aceites o grasas comestibles a granel. Esta lista conjunta fue desarrollada para mejorar la seguridad del almacenamiento y transporte de aceites comestibles.

The NIOP Board of Directors and the Technical Committee are committed to continue their overview of transportation and handling practices, and research concerning prior cargo substances, and welcome suggestions in this regard.

The following list of acceptable Previous Cargoes appears in the 1997-1998 NIOP Trading Rules Book:



NOTE: All items on Acceptable Lists 1 and 2 also appear on the NIOP-FOSFA Joint List of Acceptable Previous Cargoes except those designated by (*).

5.12.1 - ACCEPtable PRIOR CARGO - LIST NO. 1

The following items are acceptable prior cargoes for transported edible oils which may or may not be further processed prior to use:

Alcoholic beverages (i.e. rum, wine)
Almond oil
Anchovy oil
Apple juice concentrate
Apricot kernel oil
Avocado oil
Babassu oil
Beechnut oil
Candelilla wax
Canola oil - LEAR ("double zero")
Carnauba wax
Castor oil
Cocoa butter
Coconut oil
Cod liver oil
Cod oil
Cohune oil
Corn oil - (maize oil)
Corn syrup
Cottonseed oil
Dairy products (limited per USA 21CFR, Part 131)
Dextrose solution
Fish liver oil
Fish oil
Glucose syrup
Grape juice concentrate
Grapeseed oil
Hazelnut oil
Herring oil
Illipe butter - (mowrah butter)
Juice concentrates (i.e. apple, grape)
Lactic acid (limited)
Lard, edible
Linseed oil
Lycopersicum esculentum oil - (tomato seed oil)
Menhaden oil
Montan wax
Murumuru fat
Mustard seed oil
Nutmeg butter
Olive oil
Orange juice slurry
Palm kernel oil
Palm kernel olein
Palm kernel stearin
Palm oil
Palm oil mid-fractions
Palm olein
Palm stearin
Peanut oil - (groundnut oil); (GNO)
Pilchard oil
Poppyseed oil
Rapeseed oil - (HEAR)
Rapeseed oil - (LEAR) ("double zero")
Rapeseed oil - (LEAR) ("single zero")
Rapeseed oil (hydrogenated)
Rice bran oil
Safflower oil
Sal fat
Sardine oil
Sesame oil
Shark oil
Shea oil - (shea butter)
Soybean oil
Sunflower oil
Tallow (edible)
Teaseed oil
Tucum oil
Vegetable ghee (made from vegetable oils on this list)
Walnut oil
Water, potable (Acceptable only when immediately following a prior cargo on this LIST)


Acceptable prior cargoes for edible oils which will undergo further processing:


  Acetic acid
  Ammonium hydroxide
  Benzyl alcohol - (NF and Reagent grades only)
  Butanediol (see glycols)
  Butylene glycol (see glycols)
  Butyl acetates - (n-, sec-, & tert-)
* Calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN-17) solution
  Calcium chloride solution
  Calcium lignosulfonate liquid - (lignin liquor); (sulphite lye)
* Calcium nitrate (CN-9) solution
  Coconut acid oil (CAO); (acidulated coconut oil soapstock)
  Coconut oil fatty acid methyl esters
  Coconut oil fatty acids
  Coconut oil fatty alcohols
  Cottonseed acid oil
  Cottonseed oil fatty acid
  Ethanol (ethyl alcohol)
  Ethyl acetate (EA)
  2 Ethylhexyl alcohol (2 ethyl hexanol)


Fatty acids:    
Butyric acid C-4 Butanoic acid
Valeric acid C-5 Pentanoic acid
Caproic acid C-6 Hexanoic acid
Heptoic acid C-7 Heptanoic acid
Caprylic acid C-8 Octanoic acid
Pelargonic acid C-9 Nonanoic acid
Capric acid C-10 Decanoic acid
Lauric acid C-12 Dodecanoic acid
Lauroleic acid C-12' Dodecenoic acid
Myristic acid C-14 Tetradecanoic acid
Myristoleic acid C-14' Tetradecenoic acid
Palmitic acid C-16 Hexadecanoic acid
Palmitoleic acid C-16' Hexadecenoic acid
Stearic acid C-18 Octadecanoic acid
Ricinoleic acid C-18' 12 Hydroxy 9 octadecenoic acid
Oleic acid C-18' Octadecenoic acid
Linoleic acid C-18'' Octadecadienoic acid
Linolenic acid C-18''' Octadecatrienoic acid
Arachidic acid C-20 Eicosanoic acid
Behenic acid C-22 Docosanoic acid
Erucic acid C-22' Docosenoic acid

Fatty acid esters - (An ester produced by the combination of any of the listed fatty acids with any of the listed fatty alcohols) Examples include:

Butyl myristate
Cetyl stearate
Oleyl palmitate

Fatty acid methyl esters (methyl esters of fatty acids)


Methyl laurate C-12 Methyl dodecanoate
Methyl palmitate C-16 Methyl hexadecanoate
Methyl stearate C-18 Methyl octadecanoate
Methyl oleate C-18' Methyl octadecenoate

Fatty alcohols (Natural alcohols):

Butyl alcohol C-4 1 Butanol Butyric alcohol
Caproyl alcohol C-6 1 Hexanol Hexyl alcohol
Enanthyl alcohol C-7 1 Heptanol Heptyl alcohol
Capryl alcohol C-8 1 n Octanol Octyl alcohol
Nonyl alcohol C-9 Nonanol Pelargonic alcohol
Decyl alcohol C-10 1 Decanol    
Lauryl alcohol C-12 n Dodecanol Dodecyl alcohol
Tridecyl alcohol C-13 1 Tridecanol  
Myristyl alcohol C-14 1 Tetradecanol  
Cetyl alcohol C-16 1 Hexadecanol Cetylic alcohol;
      Palmityl alcohol
Stearyl alcohol C-18 1 Octadecanol    
Oleyl alcohol C-18' Octadecenol    
Lauryl myristyl alcohol   (C12-C14) (blend)
Cetyl stearyl alcohol   (C16-C18) (blend)
Hexadecanol combination   (C16-C18) (blend of natural fatty alcohols)


  Butylene glycol &
1,3 butylene glycol; 1,3 butanediol
1,4 butylene glycol; 1,4 butanediol
2,3 butylene glycol; 2,3 butanediol
  Polypropylene glycol PG
  Propylene glycol 1,2 propylene glycol;
1,2 propandiol; 1,2 dihydroxypropane;
monopropylene glycol (MPG)
  1,3 Propylene glycol trimethylene glycol;
1,3 propanediol
  Formic acid  
  Hexane (technical)  
  Isobutyl acetate  
  Isobutyl alcohol (isobutanol)  
  Isodecyl alcohol (isodecanol)  
  Isononyl alcohol (isononanol)  
  Isooctyl alcohol (isooctanol)  
  Isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol)  
  Limonene - (dipentene)  
  Magnesium chloride solution  
  Methanol (methyl alcohol)  
  Methyl ethyl ketone (MEK)  
  Methyl isobutyl ketone (MIBK)  
  Methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE)  
* Nitric acid  
  Nonane (C-9) (nonyl hydride)  
  Palm acid oil (PAO)  
  Palm fatty acid distillate (PFAD)  
  Palm kernel fatty acid distillate (PKFAD)  
  Palm kernel oil fatty acid methyl esters  
  Palm kernel oil fatty acids  
  Palm kernel oil fatty alcohols  
  Palm oil fatty acid methyl esters  
  Palm oil fatty acids  
  Palm oil fatty alcohols  
  Petroleum wax, edible grade - (petroleum paraffin; paraffin wax)  
  Phosphoric acid  
  Polypropylene glycol (PG) (see glycols)  
  Potassium hydroxide solution (caustic potash solution)  
  Propyl acetate  
* Propyl alcohol (1 propanol)  
  Propylene glycol (MPG) - (see glycols)  
  Propylene tetramer  
  Rice bran acid oil  
  Sodium hydroxide solution (caustic soda solution)  
  Soybean acid oil  
  Soybean oil (epoxidized)  
  Soybean oil fatty acids  
  Sulphuric acid  
* Tall oil fatty acids (ASTM types I and II only)  
** Tallow (inedible)  
  Tallow fatty acids  
  Tallow fatty alcohol  
  Tung oil  
  Urea ammonium nitrate solution (UAN solution)  
  Water, potable (Acceptable only when immediately following a prior cargo on this LIST)  
* White mineral oil, USP  
** The country of origin in which the product is rendered must have standards or certification programs which are designed to preclude toxic or bacterial contamination and the transmission of pathogens including bovine spongiform encephalitis (BSE) by animal products or byproducts
** Tallow (inedible) includes the Standard Grades for Tallows and Greases as set forth by Rule 7 of the American Fats and Oils Association (AFOA).

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